Tans Fade but Memories Last a Lifetime

The climate of the Okanagan offers nearly 2000 hours of sunshine per year. During our summer months the dry heat that we are famous for can make those summer days hot! Many luxury properties within the Okanagan offer a backyard oasis with a swimming pool to make summers more relaxing, palatable and give more opportunities to have fun in the sun!

“Having a swimming pool centred backyard is often high on a luxury buyer’s checklist. Whether a family or empty nesters, the pool is an invitation to stay around home on weekends more often.”

states Jason Domeij

Luxury Swimming Pools

There are many benefits of a luxury in-ground swimming pool. Sophisticated buyers seek out:

Pool and view at 1284 Timothy Place

  1. Ambience
    A pool that is enclosed within a beautifully landscaped area and may even feature magnificent lake and valley views. Buyers desire that resort-like feel from the comforts of their own home. Swimming pools can have a positive impact on your state of mind, water and relaxation can fight the negativity of stress within people’s lives. Features incorporating movement of both water and light, coupled with music in lounging areas create positive venues for relaxation.
  2. Lifestyle
    Consumers looking for that quintessential pool patio are looking for that resort-like feel. That feel that is reminiscent of a tropical vacation where they can entertain between indoor/outdoor spaces seamlessly. Swimming is a healthy exercise that many like to participate in and enjoy! Lounging poolside with friends and family on a hot summer day is irreplaceable. Tans fade, but memories last a lifetime!
  3. Return on Investment
    A well designed luxury swimming pool compliments a property in achieving its highest use. A swimming pool combined with city, lake and valley views will heighten the property’s value. Additional factors such as quality in pool construction and landscape design often improve the market value of a luxury home and can be a part of criterion for those sophisticated buyers seeking out amenity-enriched properties. There are many styles of swimming pools from mountain-lake, to kidney or contemporary. Often pool construction adds value to the style of the home’s architecture.

“Pools can be a significant investment in a property’s value. Automated covers, lighting and additional water features can make the pool area THE PLACE to be.”

says Dave Domeij

There will always be negatives associated with pool ownership – cost, safety and liabilities – but the positives surely add a counter-measure of value as well.

Take the plunge and check out some of the magnificent luxury homes with swimming pools within the greater Okanagan area that Domeij & Associates are offering for sale on the market today!

Luxury swimming pool with beautiful mountain views
Home with luxury swimming pool and pool deck