Communication – not too little, not too much. If there’s anything more frustrating than a realtor who doesn’t return your calls, it’s a realtor who calls you all the time without anything new to share. We don’t do that. We communicate with you effectively about the best opportunities, return your calls promptly and don’t bother you with any unnecessary calls. We respect your time and realize the reason you hire us is to do a great job for you in finding that perfect home.

Confidentiality – sharing all your confidential financial information with just one agent ensures that you are in the best bargaining position when it comes to negotiating for a new home. We guard your financial information carefully and always respect your privacy.

Knowledge – many good deals in Kelowna real estate can come and go in a few days, without ever showing up on the Internet or in a newspaper ad. We have the inside track on listings that are never even activated on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and if they’re a good fit for you, we make sure you know about it. We also have privileged MLS access so we can quickly notify you before other buyers even know about it.

Experience – we’ve worked with Kelowna real estate agents for almost four decades, who often brings us sellers who are interested in selling their home if a buyer is readily available. These “water cooler” transactions can provide you with the inside track on a special Kelowna real estate property without any competition from other buyers.

Accountability – we offer buyers a Direct Client contract, which obligates us to perform certain duties for you within a specific timeframe.

Management – completing the transaction for buying a new home can be daunting for anyone. We hold your hand through the entire process, coordinating communication with lenders, inspectors, insurance, appraisers, utilities and attorneys on your behalf so your buying experience is as painless as possible for you and your family.

Whether you are hoping to buy or sell a house, lakeshore property or executive home, your Kelowna real estate transaction is in good hands with the Dave Domeij & Associates team.