Okanagan Summer Living

Outdoor Living Okanagan Style 

Living in the Okanagan we are blessed! Our sunshine and high temperatures have made our summers famous across Canada! Okanagan summers naturally encourage outdoor living spaces and we take them seriously! Perfect weather helps set the stage for easy outdoor entertaining. The Okanagan region has some truly excellent properties that take indoor outdoor living seriously!

Purposeful designs blurr the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Some notable features include-

  • Defined outdoor spaces.
    • Different mediums can be used to achieve this.
    • For example- Combinations of hardscapes ( pergola’s, concrete, rock) and softscapes (plantings and trees) can create outdoor “rooms”.
    • Define outdoor spaces for specific purposes- dining, seating and leisure
  • Shelter from the elements.
    • An open or covered pergola can get you out of the sun and rain.
    • Beat the heat, get your grill on, enjoy fireside lounging or watch a movie!
    • Gas or electric heaters can take the chill out of the air!
  • Outdoor kitchens.
    • Food and drink is an integral part of the entertaining.
    • The kitchen always draws a crowd!
  • Water Features.
    • Waterfalls, ponds and fountains can transport your backyards to a tranquil oasis!
  • Lush Landscaping, Lighting and Fencing
    • xeroscaping, grasses and specimen shrubery, trees and fencing can be impactful and assist elevating properties towards sustained long term value.

Examples of Exceptional Okanagan Outdoor Living Spaces