6 Insights for Purchasing an Okanagan Home With a Pool

Make the most of your luxury investment with insights into pool-ownership.

Owning a pool is a homeowner’s dream come true. Imagine sunny days lounging at its side, morning laps, and elegant gatherings with friends and family. In the Okanagan especially, where the sun shines from April to September, luxury homes with swimming pools are in high demand. In this article, we share our insights about pool ownership so that you can enjoy your summers to the fullest.

1. Be Prepared to Care For Your Pool

Your pool is an investment, and it’s important to protect that investment. This means taking the time to make sure that your pool is well cared for. With proper maintenance, a pool can be a beautiful statement piece. 

Pool owners will need to invest in regular and seasonal maintenance, such as cleaning, balancing chemicals, and maintaining hardware. Shock treatments help to prevent algae and mould from growing, and keeping your pool covered will help to keep debris out and heat in.

Birdseye view of a Kelowna home with a kidney shaped pool.
Regular maintenance is essential to protect your investment and to ensure that you’ll enjoy your pool for years to come.

The transition into winter in the Okanagan is a particularly important time for pool maintenance. At the end of the season, home owners will need to winterize their pool to prevent damages. For example, though it seems counterintuitive, water should not be entirely drained for the winter. Keeping some water in the pool, along with winterizing chemicals, will help to protect the lining and prevent cracks and tears. 

Keeping up with regular maintenance will help you spend less in the long run and will make it easier to open your pool back up in the springtime. If this is your first time owning a house with a pool, you don’t have to figure out the maintenance on your own. There are many pool specialists in the Kelowna area that can help winterize and provide guidance on caring for your pool. 

2. Understand the Costs Involved

It goes without saying that pools require regular investment in order to keep them in prime condition. Some of these costs will be reoccurring every year, such as chemicals and pool accessories. Others can be done less frequently, like the need to reseal a concrete pool after 20 years. 

On average, you can expect to spend $3,000 per year on a concrete pool, $1,000 per year on a fiberglass pool, and $1,500 per year on a vinyl-liner pool. These costs will vary depending on whether you’re doing the maintenance yourself or are hiring a technician.

3. Know Your Pool Materials and Their Strengths

Understanding your pool’s construction can help you make informed maintenance decisions. After all, you want your pool to stay pristine for years to come. 

Fiberglass pools tend to be sought after in Canada because they withstand the winter with ease. Concrete pools are priced the highest because they last upwards of 30 years, at which point they may require resealing. Vinyl-liner pools are more affordable but less durable, and cannot  accommodate salt water.

4. Extend Your Modern Interiors to the Outdoors

Interior design is no longer restricted only to interiors. If you’re looking to make your pool the focal point of your outdoor oasis, you may want to add additional features for entertaining. Particularly in the Okanagan where summer evenings are warm and enjoyable, home luxuries often extend beyond typical living areas. 

Fire features, lounge chairs, pergolas and cabanas, outdoor eating areas and kitchens can all elevate an outdoor space. While incorporating technology, such as smartphone-accessible controls and automated covers, can help to modernize and make your pool easily accessible.

The backyard of a Kelowna home with bar and outdoor dining area.
Turn your backyard into an entertainers dream by purchasing accessories to enhance the experience of being in and around the pool.

5. Pools and Hot Tubs Are Not One and the Same

It’s common to think of a hot tub as a smaller, warmer pool. But there are major differences to keep in mind. Pool heaters can add a few extra months of comfortable swimming to your pool’s season, but this level of heating is nowhere near that of a hot tub. In the Okanagan, pools typically range from 25​​°C to 28°C in temperature. Hot tubs are typically set between 37°C to 40°C, though this varies by personal preference. 

The water content and the temperature drastically alter the type and amount of chemicals required. Pools often require chemicals to protect the chlorine from the sun’s UV rays. These aren’t necessary in hot tubs that are kept covered. 

While services for pools and hot tubs are typically considered separate, most Kelowna pool technicians will service both. 

A hot tub and pool side by side on a property set on the hillside with a view of Okanagan Lake in the background.
Hot tubs and pools have unique requirements when it comes to care and maintenance.

6. Your Pool Adds Tremendous Value to Your Home

Pools are an enjoyable, beautiful asset for a luxury home, but there’s no denying that they require time and effort to maintain. That’s why you should purchase a home with a pool only if you plan on using it, and not solely to add value to your property.

According to Storeys, an online news source for real estate in Canada, experts agree that a pool can add a value to your home up to 7% of the pool’s cost. What’s more, lots that can fit a pool tend to come with a higher listing price.

If you happen to own a luxurious piece of land with a backyard swimming oasis, there is certainly a market for it. In the Okanagan, where the sun is always shining, this is definitely  something buyers seek out.

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