It’s Not Business As Usual 

During these unprecedented times selling Real Estate has changed towards a focus to Keep Safety in Mind throughout the selling process.

Customers will want to view your home! In making your home open to prospective buyers we use a number of techniques to help minimize the transmission of COVID.

They include the following to name a few:

• Confirm with the seller that the home has been cleaned and that common spaces are
disinfected. This should include door handles, counters, light switches or anywhere
someone may touch. We strongly encourage Buyers and Buyer’s agents not to touch surfaces in the home. Rather we would prefer that sellers leave lights on and doors open!
• Provide hand sanitizer/disinfectant at the door and recommend that everyone use it.
• Keep a list of everyone who has attended the property in case contact tracing becomes
necessary. Personal information collected/used / disclosed only for the purposes of contact tracing.
• Showing schedules are in place to encourage consumers to wait in their car or
line up outside while keeping two metres away from other waiting consumers.
• Signage (markers or barriers) is used to help ensure two metre’s distance is kept
between consumers.
• Ensure that all lights are on, all doors are open (including closets) and all areas a
consumer may want to see are accessible.
• Limit the number of individuals allowed into a home at one time based on the size of the
property. Have a plan to communicate this to consumers, and ensure they wait until they
are invited to enter the home or the multi-tenanted property.
• Remain two metres away from consumers during the showing.
• Don’t shake consumers’ hands or engage in physical contact.