Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Snow weighing you down? Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?

If you haven’t sold a house in the past decade, brace yourself. Today’s buyers are demanding. They’re savvier about home selling, market dynamics and data and want to see houses on their own schedule.

Royal LePage’s agent Jason Domeij warns his customers in advance- “We’re finding that buyers want access to your house when it works for them,” he says. “They don’t want to wait for the open house and baking cookies doesn’t cut it anymore.”

There are a number of things that should be considered before putting your home on the market no matter what the home selling environment might be. Opinions vary on what should be done in different types of markets – whether it is a Buyers orientated market or a Sellers oriented market. Regardless, there are some responsibilities that sellers should not shirk away from.  For example- When selling a car chances are that you will sell the car for a higher price when it is working and has been maintained. The same logic applies to your home.

You need an Action Plan

1) Fix it First

  • You know what needs to be done.
  • Don’t procrastinate any longer- fill and paint the holes in the walls! Repair the downspouts! Make the landscaping presentable! You have seen the lists before! Just get it done.
  • Minimize the criticism on your list price by taking away the costs away from a potential Buyer who will have to fix things.
  • Make it hard for the home inspector! Get that deficiency list down.

2) Get Clean

  • Not rocket science…a clean house = pride of ownership.
  • Get rid of the clutter, get rid of the storage clutter.
  • Cleanse yourself of material stuff that you are keeping for the sake of keeping.
  • Keep the family heirloom antiques in the storage room to a minimum.
  • Rent a storage locker if you have to- Make the storage appear to have lots of room for the Buyer’s stuff!
  • Keep the family pictures up despite what people say- It’s your home…you don’t live at IKEA.


It’s not just a for sale sign.” says Dave Domeij.

3) Don’t Just List Your Home – Market it

  • It’s beyond Real Estate 101- it’s not just a for sale sign.
  • Utilizing a professional Realtor’s marketing platform- like Domeij & Associates- will effectively communicate the benefits of your property to consumers
  • Showcase gorgeous photographs
  • Video presentations
  • Social media promoting your property
  • Local, National and International advertising mediums that give your property the exposure it deserves.

Buyers are on-line so much more in today’s market doing the research ahead of time, going thru listings and weeding out properties before they even go and see them. Photos are first impressions that mean everything… and if presented well… foot traffic thru your door should follow soon after.” states Jason Domeij.

Tips on Selling Your Home

4) Pricing

  • Greed sometimes is a bad thing.
  • A compelling, fair, realistic listing price generates activity and a sale.
  • Pricing is a key factor in an effective marketing plan.

5) Get Packing


  • Get the moving boxes ready
  • Plan ahead