Ultra Luxury Kelowna Kitchens

All About Luxury Kitchens

Although Kelowna is a smaller lakeside city, our residents like big city luxuries, just like the next guy! Whether hosting a small dinner party, a special occasion or an extravagant event, a luxury kitchen is a great place to be the central hub of the event. Consumers like a fully stocked kitchen with the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets. These add real, tangible value, even for wealthy buyers who rarely cook.

Brokers recognize that consumer trends towards luxury and commercial-grade appliances within residences are important features in presenting luxury properties.

Luxury kitchen at 3678 Speirs Road, listed by Domeij and Associates
3678 Speirs Road, listed by Domeij and Associates

Popular trends within the luxury market incorporate the kitchen as an organic part of the overall space within a home. The kitchen serves as a place to congregate with friends and family around one, or even two kitchen islands! Open concept living rooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces offer blurred transitions between spaces.

“Often our clients looking for their forever home look for kitchens that are superior in quality with fit and finish. The kitchen sets the stage that the rest of the home will be naturally well done throughout. Consistent finish throughout the home will elevate the home’s value.”

states Dave Domeij

The Basics in Luxury Kitchens

Regardless of whether a kitchen is large or small, often savvy buyers have certain expectations that the “GIVENS” are intrinsically incorporated into any kitchen design:

  • Superior millwork cabinetry
  • Incorporated cabinet lighting
  • Soft closures
  • Ultra-organizers and design
  • Vacuum pans
  • Walk-in pantries
  • High-end and built-in appliances, including wine refrigeration
  • Generous usage of natural products like stone, granite or marble
  • Two or more sinks

Added Luxuries

Added luxuries can make a statement, contribute to overall design, and create greater ease within the kitchen workspaces. Some additional luxury features that can make your home stand out from the crowd include:

  • Smart home technologies (control of ambient lighting, TVs, appliances, music)
  • Multiple kitchen islands or shapes
  • Luxury windows and doors for easy pass through indoor to outdoor entertaining
  • Multiple appliances (perhaps more than two or more dishwashers and/or refrigerators)
  • Cabinet refrigeration or walk-in refrigeration units
  • Heated floors and countertops, yes countertops, for those cold winter days!
  • Ice makers
  • Garburators
  • Touchless faucets
  • Warming drawers to keep food hot
  • Pot fillers above cooking ranges
  • Wood fire pizza ovens / fireplaces
  • Built-in cappuccino-makers
  • Secondary kitchens (Scullery or Butler Kitchen). These spaces are located off of the primary kitchen and often feature additional appliances and work spaces perfect for catered events. Such kitchens are separate from, and not associated with, any potential in-law suite in the home. These secondary kitchens or oversized walk-in pantries offer additional storage and a place for messy food prep, while remaining unseen by dining guests.
Luxury Kitchen in 454 Sarsons Road, SOLD by Domeij and Associates 2017
454 Sarsons Road, SOLD by Domeij and Associates 2017

Timeless Designs

Cabinetry millwork trends come and go but some consistent timeless options remain to be white or mocha. Kitchens in shades of white are enduring and versatile, appearing in cottage, French country, traditional, and even contemporary or post-modern kitchens.

“In some of the mega custom homes the sky is the limit. However, clients connect with styles and colour palettes that they will still enjoy down the road over time. We have a great inventory of diverse luxury homes within Kelowna that have some fabulous kitchens that are worth taking a peek at!”

says Jason Domeij about popular kitchens
Luxury Kitchen in 5500 Rockface Road, listed by Domeij and Associates 2017.
5500 Rockface Road, currently listed by Domeij and Associates 2017.