Is there such a thing as an Okanagan Accent?

Okanagan Accent? UBCO Says what?!

Living in a University town has it’s own perks – UBCO has it’s own vast library, awesome facilities, sports teams, and the second largest Canadian medical undergraduate studies program to name a few! But did you know that Linguistic researchers at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (CBC News Feb 24, 2018) are hoping to determine if residents have an Okanagan accent?

Linguistic studies in the past have focused on studying dialects in other parts of Canada but a current study is hoping to shed some light on the dialect of our local residents. Researchers at The University of British Columbia Okanagan are in the process of collecting local dialect samples “as we speak” so that this coming summer they can prove that members of our community do indeed have an Okanagan accent!

Perhaps not too long in the future while waiting in line for a coffee at our local barista one will be able to better determine if the person next to us is a property owner or just visiting when we hear what they sound like!

Click the UBC link below to see the CBC News Feb.24, 2018 article news-

UBCO Studying the Okanagan Accent